EDII Student Startup – Enzo Daily Car Wash!


To avoid wastage of water, following unhygienic practices and scratched car surfaces, the idea of providing customers with a ‘waterless, one cloth per car’ service came into existence. For more information visit: http://blog.ediindia.ac.in/edii-student-startup-enzo-daily-car-wash/


EDII Student Startup – Meeting the Need for Busbars in the Country!


The idea that laid the foundation for the emergence of Bus bar Manufacturing arose when Rishabh Hundia – student of EDII was attending a ‘Make in India’ conference where in he was struck by the idea to produce busbars in the country rather than import the same. For more information visit: http://blog.ediindia.ac.in/edii-student-startup-meeting-need-busbars-country/

Startup by EDII Students to Revolutionize the Indian Ceramic Tile Industry


Students of EDII AHMEDABAD created a beta website tilebazzar.com and conducted market research for 6 long months before formulating different services that would assist all those who are involved in the ceramic industry at Morbi – from Manufacturers, Builders, Architects, Dealers, Developers and the Government. For more information visit: http://blog.ediindia.ac.in/startup-by-edii-students-to-revolutionize-the-indian-ceramic-tile-industry/

EDII Ahmedabad Strengthens Entrepreneurial Bonds Across the Globe


Post-visit of two faculty members to Comoros, EDII submitted a detailed report to MEA which included rationale for setting up the centre, portfolio of activities, training and capacity building needs of Comorian faculty members, physical infrastructure needs, cost of training aids and machines, financial requirements and sustainability strategy for the centre. For more information visit: http://blog.ediindia.ac.in/edii-ahmedabad-strengthening-entrepreneurial-bonds-across-the-globe/ 

Valedictory Function- Around 500 Trainees Sharpen their Entrepreneurial Skills at EDII


Gujarat, known for Patolas from Patan and Kutchi craftwork across the globe is one the finest manufacturer of art and craft products in India. EDII helps 500 trainees involved with the trade to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills via a Valedictory Function. For more information visit: http://blog.ediindia.ac.in/valedictory-function-entrepreneurial-skills-at-edii/