EDII Student Startup – Enzo Daily Car Wash!


To avoid wastage of water, following unhygienic practices and scratched car surfaces, the idea of providing customers with a ‘waterless, one cloth per car’ service came into existence. For more information visit: http://blog.ediindia.ac.in/edii-student-startup-enzo-daily-car-wash/


EDII Student Startup – Meeting the Need for Busbars in the Country!


The idea that laid the foundation for the emergence of Bus bar Manufacturing arose when Rishabh Hundia – student of EDII was attending a ‘Make in India’ conference where in he was struck by the idea to produce busbars in the country rather than import the same. For more information visit: http://blog.ediindia.ac.in/edii-student-startup-meeting-need-busbars-country/

Startup by EDII Students to Revolutionize the Indian Ceramic Tile Industry


Students of EDII AHMEDABAD created a beta website tilebazzar.com and conducted market research for 6 long months before formulating different services that would assist all those who are involved in the ceramic industry at Morbi – from Manufacturers, Builders, Architects, Dealers, Developers and the Government. For more information visit: http://blog.ediindia.ac.in/startup-by-edii-students-to-revolutionize-the-indian-ceramic-tile-industry/